Hello! Welcome to my universe. I’m Astrid Berg, a 24-year old woman, originally from Aalborg and now living in Copenhagen which I absolutely love.
I get easily enthralled by things such as eating cake (in all guises), thrift shopping, reading articles and books that make me laugh and cry, and to watch disgusting horror movies.

I’m currently a master student in communication and IT at the University of Copenhagen. To supply my studies I’m an employee at the communication team of the Danish Design Centre.

In the Danish Design Centre I primarily deal with digital communication – both in practical terms, in the form of social media and web development, but also in the form of communication advising for the design centre’s various project’s.

I have a dream of building bridge between people and technology. That technology is not perceived as something abstract, but that all (!) young as old people, can and will understand and navigate in a technological world – and know the following consequences of the choices we make today.

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